Want To Start Your Own Podcast?

Maybe you can’t find the time it takes to record, produce, and distribute a podcast.

Maybe you just don’t want to learn everything involved in the technology. This is the service for you!

Featuring artwork creation, intros & outros, registration, publishing, and most importantly: Audio Editing and Production.

What makes our service different from the other guys?

Founder Gary Leland, has been publishing great podcast content since it began in 2004.

Gary’s podcast website was listed in Time Magazine’s 50 Coolest Website in 2006.
Gary was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall Of Fame in 2016.
In 2017 the city of Arlington, Texas proclaimed March 1st Gary Leland Day.

We help podcasters grow and reach large audiences across the country.

We work with each client on an individual basis to ensure your show is fantastic.
Over 10 years experience in podcast production.

Our process is Effective and Simple.

We use the best platforms on the market for podcast hosting, publishing, and distribution.
We know how to get the job done, and save you the hassle.
You can have your first episode on iTunes in less than 30 days.

  • Full Service Package
  • $495/month
  • What's Included?
  • 1 Podcast Episode Produced Every Week
  • Podcast Episode Published & Scheduled Every Week
  • 60 minute episode time limit
  • Mix & Mastering for Each Episode
  • Light editing of errors and long pauses
  • 72 hour turnaround for new episodes
  • *There is a one time set up fee of $195 for hosting setup and submission to podcasting platforms
  • Custom Podcast Services
  • One Time Fee
  • What Do We Offer
  • Single Podcast Episode Editing $150.00
  • Podcast Artwork Creation
  • Custom intro & Outro w/ Music $250.00
  • Video or Phone Consultation $75.00 per 30 min
  • Shows Notes per Episode
  • Episode Transcripts
    $1.75/minute of edited audio

Examples Of Our Work

10 Reasons To Start Podcasting

Paul Colligan
Digital Media Consultant

“Gary is the best person to kick your Podcast to the next level!”

Jared Easley
Podcast Movement

“The best way to launch your podcast is to have the right help. Podcast Repairman is a great solution. It will help you to keep your new show consistent.”

Dave Jackson
School Of Podcasting

“Gary has been around since podcasting began, and if you’d rather focus on content instead of the technology, you are in great hands.”

Jeremy Vest

“It’s always exciting to see how fast Gary moves online. He has a great new idea happening every month. And he makes us wantrepreneurs half his age look bad.”


Will I get my own show producer?

Yes! Podcast Repairman will set you up with your own personal producer. You are able to email your personal producer any questions you have at any time. Your producer may email you to tell you how to improve your show.

Do I have to tell you what to do every episode?

No, you are welcome to supply notes. Your podcast will be produced to your personalized format. You simply record your show, and send it to us. We take care of the rest.

Do producers listen to my entire show when editing?

Definitely! We must listen to ensure quality, and to make any edits or any minor errors that need correcting.

Is there a maximum or a minimum length?

There is a no maximum or minimum length base on the custom pricing options we can provide.

Will Podcast Repairman help me improve?

You bet! The team at Podcast Repairman listen to a lot of podcasts, and want your podcast to sound as good as possible. They will make suggestions, and provide advice to help you improv your podcast. Remember word of mouth is the best advertising, and we sure want you talking about the Podcast Repairman Team.